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Our 3rd annual Heroes for Homeless Families event on April 30, 2021 will honor some special community members who have stepped up in significant ways to serve our community's vulnerable homeless families. Each has used their influence to make a large impact. Some have served FHN, others have served our larger community. All have served with vision, generosity and love. FHN is blessed to be supported by an incredible group of caring businesses...


Each year, Thanksgiving gives us time to pause and count our many blessings. No matter where we might be in our life’s journey, there are blessings to be cherished each day. For example, during this snowy northern Colorado week, our families were blessed with the generous warmth and shelter at Summitview Church throughout the storm.

Family Housing Network is based on blessing one another with our presence, time and gifts. Every day of...


Support us early! Schedule your donations to process on Colorado Gives Day on December 10, 2019. Your donation will still count towards the $1 Million Incentive Fund and cash prizes. Search for us at Faith Family Hospitality or Family Housing Network! FHN Colorado Gives


Fall is upon us. Our families are looking for rentals and excited to move into their own homes. The Sherwood House is under construction and looking for volunteer painters. Do you like to paint? Are you looking for an activity to spend some time with your family? Maybe painting can be your family fun activity! We can use your help. Please follow this link and join us, get a little dirty and help us make Sherwood beautiful for families to move...


We’re excited to announce that we have a new name! After the end of our strategic planning in late 2018, Faith Family Hospitality has decided to change our name to Family Housing Network of Fort Collins.


Three years ago this month Faith Family Hospitality (FFH) had been underway for six months, and as a founding member I wrote a Soapbox about us for the Coloradoan. At that time the original nine host faith communities had hosted an initial 13 families, with seven support faith communities helping.

Fast forward to the FFH Annual Meeting last month when we reported that 72 families have been hosted by 14 faith communities, with the...


The first Faith Family Hospitality family that I met was Lance, Janie, their 3 year old daughter, Annabel and 2 year old son, Zander. Walt and I had arrived early at Peak Community Church for our first overnight hosting. The church was still locked, so we spent 15 minutes talking with Lance and Janie and watching the antics of the kids. Later, as we toured the church with the families, Zander came out of his bedroom with his Thomas the Train...


Recently a father shared with me that as hard and strong as he tried to be, things kept falling apart. There was a glimmer hope for the day and by the end typically it fell into brokenness. He tried and tried to be a good husband, father and provider. It was when he gave it all up to God that he saw God’s presence in his family’s life. A promise in every day and hope was restored. So grateful for the welcome and service of the FFH fellowship,...


Faith Family Hospitality is just one of the programs in our communities helping to tackle the challenges faced by families experiencing homelessness. We’ve already mentioned the work of The Matthews House HOST Program, providing a temporary home for children, youth, and families who are in a crisis situation, through volunteer...