About Us


What we do

FHN serves families experiencing homelessness. We offer a range of programs to serve families on the continuum from homelessness to housed, each program serves every family's complex and unique needs. Our programs range from light touch services to long-term support. The programs we offer are Resource Navigation, Day Shelter, Case Management, Rapid Rehousing, Overnight Shelter, and Bridge Housing.

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Our Mission & Vision


Family Housing Network’s mission is to support families experiencing homelessness to achieve sustainable self sufficiency in a timely and dignified manner.


Our vision is to end family homelessness in Larimer County.

The Community Need

FHN is the cornerstone of support for families experiencing homelessness in Larimer County, providing a comprehensive range of services from homelessness to shelter to permanent housing. In 2022, we made a significant impact by serving 118 families, successfully housing 103 of them. This represents a notable increase from the 98 families we assisted in 2021.

The need for services like those provided by FHN in Fort Collins is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Homelessness in the Community: Fort Collins, like many other communities, has homelessness among families. Economic challenges, job loss, medical crises, and other unforeseen circumstances can push families into homelessness.

  2. Safety and Well-Being: Families experiencing homelessness are exposed to various safety risks, including exposure to harsh weather conditions, health hazards, and potential exploitation. Access to safe shelter and supportive services is vital for their well-being.

  3. Child Welfare: Homelessness can have a profound impact on children's physical and emotional health, as well as their education. Providing stable housing and support services helps mitigate these negative effects and ensures a more secure environment for children.

  4. Breaking the Cycle: Homelessness often becomes a cycle that is challenging to escape without intervention. FHN's services, such as case management and resource navigation, are instrumental in helping families break free from this cycle and regain stability.

  5. Community Impact: Homelessness affects not only the individuals and families experiencing it but also the broader community. It can strain social services, increase crime rates, and impact the overall quality of life in the area. Organizations like FHN play a vital role in addressing these community-wide challenges.

  6. Dignity and Empowerment: FHN's services are designed to empower families to regain their independence and dignity. By offering support and resources, FHN helps families take proactive steps towards self-sufficiency and a more promising future.

In summary, the need for FHN's services in Fort Collins is driven by the desire to address homelessness within the community, protect the well-being of families, and create a stronger and more inclusive community for everyone. Donations and support are essential to ensure these services continue to make a positive impact.