Present is Enough!

Recently a father shared with me that as hard and strong as he tried to be, things kept falling apart. There was a glimmer hope for the day and by the end typically it fell into brokenness. He tried and tried to be a good husband, father and provider. It was when he gave it all up to God that he saw God’s presence in his family’s life. A promise in every day and hope was restored. So grateful for the welcome and service of the FFH fellowship, he absolutely knew things were turning around.

“When people are bent over with the weight of suffering, what they need for us is only our presence.” “If we give them that, we become for the them the very presence of God in a most tangible way. That is hospitality.” Benedictine Monks – “Radical Hospitality.

What does that mean – “be present.” Be aware of needs and the need to know. Show them a wonderful place they can lay their head and find peace. Keep things gleaming, special and personal for them. Do they need a ride? A diaper? A coat? Be aware, be present. Is there room where you are? Is there a room sacramental for a family? Is there a prayer to be said, a chant to be sung, a sacrifice to be offered? Keep them safe they are fragile and yet they are strong.

Strong enough to ask for help. Strong enough to accept the present in order to embrace an unknown future. Strong enough to ask, strong enough to love, strong enough to hope. For their children, they are strong enough. How about us- will we continue to be strong and present? Recommit this year to help our weighted down families, come beside them with a holy presence.