The FHN Story

History of Faith Family Hospitality/Family Housing Network in Fort Collins


In 2009, a group of leaders from different faith communities began discussing the possibility of expanding the work of Loveland’s Angel House, a member of the national Interfaith Hospitality Network/Family Promise program. Recruitment of faith communities was initiated with the intention of extending the 10-year-old Loveland program to Fort Collins. By 2011, sixteen congregations had been recruited that were willing to host up to four families that were experiencing homelessness for a week at a time, from 5pm to 7am the following day on a rotating basis, with Angel House providing screening, day time shelter and case management. Unfortunately, Angel House was unable to raise the funds necessary to secure staffing and expand their program to Fort Collins.

In October of 2011, the Fort Collins congregations met with Angel House staff to explore options for implementing the program. Several people volunteered to make contact with local nonprofits with the goal of determining local needs and resources.

In January 2012, Faith Family Hospitality sheltered its first overnight guest family. Quickly, everyone realized the families needed a place to go during the daytime hours. Fort Collins Mennonite Fellowship opened their doors to become a day shelter a couple days a week in 2014. FFH built showers and a laundry facility in the church.

By 2015, the day center expanded its hours and scope to be open six days a week for both sheltered and unsheltered guests and the part time case manager’s role was increased to full time. A part time Executive Director and a part time Administrative Assistant were hired.

In 2016, a capital project to renovate the Sherwood House began. The development and construction process took many years to complete.

In 2018, Faith Family Hospitality became Family Housing Network to illustrate the broader work. FFH is still the beloved name of the overnight shelter program.

In 2020, a new day center opened on June 15th. In the fall of 2020, FFH acquired a Rapid Rehousing Program from One Community One Family, hiring two case managers; in addition we now share a bilingual family housing navigator with Homeward Alliance. In partnership with Homeward Alliance, FHN provides area case managers with a fully stocked emergency pantry and children’s closet as well.

The construction of the Sherwood House was completed early fall of 2021. This spacious home houses up to seven vulnerable families for up to a year as they overcome their obstacles and challenges, so they can secure permanent housing.

Today, FHN/FFH provides services to families with children who are homeless, ranging from day and/or overnight shelter and case management to short term rental subsidies or short term supported housing.