We Have a New Name!

We’re excited to announce that we have a new name! After the end of our strategic planning in late 2018, Faith Family Hospitality has decided to change our name to Family Housing Network of Fort Collins.


FHN’s programs include a day center, overnight shelter (Faith Family Hospitality), and bridge housing (Sherwood House), all supported by professional case management.

While Faith Family Hospitality originated with the goal of providing overnight shelter to Fort Collins’ homeless families, our programs have expanded over the past seven years to include a day center, case management, and a soon-to-be completed bridge housing program called Sherwood House. As our Executive Director Annette Zacharias explains, “The name Faith Family Hospitality has defined the overnight program but doesn’t quite describe the overall work of the agency. The new name describes the breadth of the work we now do, and the name of Faith Family Hospitality will live on as the title of our overnight program”.

The new name reflects Family Housing Network’s growing capacity, as well as our holistic array of programs for local families experiencing homelessness. Our overnight program has been able to offer housing to four homeless families at a time via a rotation of host sites at local faith communities. In recent years, we’ve also expanded the capacity of our day center, which now welcomes about two dozen families a month. We also provide case management for families in both day center and overnight programs, and our Sherwood House building will soon provide longer-term shelter and case management to an additional seven families. These programs reflect the ongoing need for resources for Fort Collins’ homeless residents, as well as our commitment to help families achieve sustainable self-sufficiency in a timely and dignified manner.