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Shelter, Support, and Hope: The Power of Our Overnight Program

At Family Housing Network, our vision is to end family homelessness in Fort Collins. Our Overnight Program (FFH) stands as a beacon of your efforts. It's not just one of our programs; it's the very foundation of FHN. Born from humble beginnings, it was passionate individuals like you who ignited the spark that led to its inception in 2012. Through your unwavering commitment to supporting families, we have expanded to offer five distinct programs, all rooted in the desire to create a more stable and secure future for those we serve.

Homelessness is a harsh reality that too many families face, often struggling to find a safe, warm place to lay their heads. That's where our Overnight Program steps in. It's not just about providing shelter; it's about offering solace and a sense of belonging, even when the night is darkest. The Overnight Program accommodates four guest families (up to 15 parents and children) at a time. This interfaith project unites diverse faith communities through a shared mission of service. The combination of private rooms, community support, adaptability, a volunteer-run shelter, and your unwavering commitment makes our Overnight Program a powerful and unique initiative in the fight against family homelessness in Fort Collins. There truly is no other program like FHN. Your involvement and the distinct features of this program are key to the positive impact we create together.

What We Offer

  • Safe Shelter: With the support of compassionate volunteers at faith communities around Fort Collins, volunteers offer a warm, secure environment where families can rest, free from the uncertainty of a night on the streets.

  • Private Rooms: We're proud to offer private rooms to each family. This helps families maintain their family unit in a safe space, away from the uncertainties of life on the streets.

  • Meals and Nourishment: No one should go to bed hungry. Volunteers provide nutritious meals, ensuring that families have the strength they need to face the challenges ahead.

  • Pathways to Stability: Beyond shelter, our Overnight Program is a stepping stone to a brighter future. The Overnight Program Case Manager connects families with resources, services, and opportunities that empower them to regain their independence.

Your kindness makes a world of difference through our Overnight Program. It's not just about providing shelter; it's about restoring dignity, hope, and resilience. For the families you've supported, it means having a place to call home, even if just for a night. Your generosity has made it possible to serve 16 families in the overnight program in 2023, giving them the chance to rebuild, recover, and rekindle dreams that might have dimmed along the way.

In the coming months and years, we are on a mission to decrease barriers when it comes to the Overnight Program. There have been a couple of changes that significantly affect the way FHN has provided shelter and services. Due to the adoption of the International Building Code and increased fire inspection, FFH is limited to serving a maximum of 15 guests at a time and six of our faith communities are not able to continue to host at their site without constant fire watch in the overnight hours due to the lack of fire suppression systems.

For the past five years, the Sustainability Taskforce has been exploring the idea of a centralized campus (combining the day center and the overnight program). The discussion slowed when FHN received the gift of the Day Center in 2020. Unfortunately, the day center has become an expensive property to own and has some limitations that are not ideal for our future.

Several months ago, it was determined that FHN should pursue a long-term solution to collocate the programs and allow the overnight program to stop rotating and operate in one location. During the first 14 months of the COVID pandemic, FHN showed that a centralized site for the overnight program could work and during the first three months, the day and overnight shelter programs collocated with success. Families were more successful; their stays were shorter, and volunteers reported that the weeks were easier to host without the setup and tear down. In the first three months of the pandemic, 17 families were housed.

In a nutshell, we are selling the current day center and looking for a new home. A couple of our faith community partners are discussing future plans with us.

We invite you to join hands with us on this transformative journey. Your participation is a catalyst for change, making a world of difference. Whether it's your support, your time, or simply spreading the word about our Overnight Program, your involvement is the driving force behind our mission's success.

Together, we can bring light to the darkest of nights. Join us in our mission to end family homelessness, one night at a time.