What to know about our services

Who do you serve?

We serve families who are homeless with children under 18 or who are still in high school.

Are you a faith based organization?

No, we are an interfaith collaborative. Our overnight program is housed in faith communities (churches). To be in considered for any of our programs you do not need to be a specific faith or religious. Our board, staff, volunteers, and clients come from many different backgrounds.

Do you provide hotel vouchers/rental assistance?

We do not provide emergency hotel vouchers or emergency rental assistance.

Get help for rental assistance resources.

Are you an emergency shelter?

FHN is not an emergency shelter. We are a shelter program but we do not have same day availability. You must first do an intake to determine eligibility. After your intake the process usually takes about 5-7 days. If you are in need of emergency shelter please go to:

Get Help

Can anyone use your day center?

If you have completed an intake and be determined to be eligible, you can use the Day Center. You must first do an intake with us and be approved. Please call if you are interested in any of our services.

I am a service provider, how do I refer to your program?

The best way to refer a client is to have them give us a call. Feel free to call with the client if needed.

How do I get into Sherwood house or Rapid Rehousing?

Please give us a call to determine your eligibility.

Do you serve LGBTQIA+ Families?

We support and serve families of all types. A family is what you define your family as, as long as there is a child under 18 and an adult in a parental role. FHN fosters a supportive environment to ensure everyone is safe, supported, and welcomed.

Family Housing Network does not, on the grounds of race, color, national origin, sex, handicap, age, marital status, religion, familial status, or sexual orientation discriminate against persons in the providing of its programs, services or any activities provided by Family Housing Network.

What do you consider a family?

We let our families define themselves. To be eligible for services, there needs to be at least one child under 18 and an adult in a parental function.